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Joseph Grijalva


            My poetic vision visual project serves to demonstrate my definition of the overall meaning of poetic vision.  The pictures on the shirt are some of the key objects and ideas that I pointed as embodying poetic vision in my final definition. 

My prominently featured on the shirt is an open book, with the left pages containing the words, “what lies within.”  In my definition of poetic vision I stressed how poetic vision is when we something for what it actually “is” rather than what it looks like.  Essentially we are looking within the object of find deeper meaning or “what lies within” it.  Further exemplifying my point is the crude but effective picture of a tree with several birds perched in it.  This picture is a representation of the tree that Anne Dillard spoke about in her essay.  I also included a pair of eighth notes on each sleeve of the shirt to represent the value of music in poetic vision. 

The picture of the book is the most meaningful object on the shirt.  As I have stated in my poetic vision definition, books are one of the greatest example of the embodiment of poetic vision.  Books have so much potential for the content that might be placed within in them.  They also allow an effective outlet for a poetic thinker to record his or her ideas.  In fact one of the placed where poetic visions are most commonly found within books.

The t-shirt itself is similar to the book in poetic capacity.  When I started the project, the shirt was simply a blank canvas.  What resulted from my exploits depended solely on my artistic capabilities and my imagination.