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Can’t cach a turtle in this rat race
Feels like I'm losin' time at a breakneck pace
Afraid of my own shadow in the face of grace
Heart full of darkness spotlight on my face
There was love all around me but I was lookin' for revenge
Thank God it never found me would have been the end
(I was) walkin' the tightrope steppin' on my friends
Walkin' the tightrope (it) was a shame and a sin
Walkin' the tightrope between wrong and right
Walkin' the tightrope both day and night
Lookin' back in front of me in the mirror's a grin
Through eyes of love I see I'm really lookin' at a friend
We've all had our problems that's the way life is
My heart goes out to others who are there to make amends
We've been walkin' the tightrope tryin' to make it right
Walkin' the tightrope every day and every night
Walkin' the tightrope bring it all around
Walkin' the tightrope from the lost to found
Walkin' the tightrope stretched around the world
Walkin' the tightrope save the boys and girls
Walkin' the tightrope let's make it right
Walkin' the tightrope do it do it tonight
Walkin' the tightrope


            “Tightrope” is another Stevie Ray Vaughan song akin to “Crossfire”.  Both songs carry a similar message packaged in a fun, bluesy package.  However in Tightrope an analogy is called into play.  As one of my Spanish teachers was fond of saying, “not everything is black and white”.  More often than not, we find ourselves “sitting on the fence” in our views of the world. 


            The song, also carries the familiar theme of the natural human search for meaning, truth, and redemption if we have found ourselves to be in the wrong.  At certain points in our lives, everyone find themselves “walking a tightrope”, when one ounce of pressure dropped onto any arm being used for balance, will cause the walker to tumble off.  At these times, we need to try to step back from the pressure that has been placed upon us, and examine who are friends really are.  We are never truly alone in the world, so long as we don’t fall into the trap of despair.  If we try to see only the bad in life, then the good will be cut out. 


            One area in which I find myself “walking the tightrope on” is the issue of the war in Iraq.  Though I feel that we as a country cannot allow ourselves to be attacked without trying to bring those responsible to justice, I wonder if we may have out stepped our boundaries.  Many people say that our country did the right thing in removing sadaam heuissein from power.  Generally I agree with this statement, but I wonder if we made a mistake.  Though Sadame didn’t appear to be the best ruler, he never actually struck against our country directly.  If he had, no one would have any qualms about removing him from power.  The whole situation makes me wonder if we are presenting the image that we think it is ok to invade countries without being provoked.  I certainly wouldn’t appreciate if some countries decided to get together and invade the United States because they though President Bush was doing a bad job (not that I do).  All of these ideas relate back to the analogy of the tightrope.  When we are stuck in the middle of things, we have to simply do our best, and hope that we don’t fall off. 

Recorded by Stevie Ray Vaughan
S.R. Vaughan, Doyle Bramhall
©1988 Ray Vaughan Music - ASCAP, Bramhall Publishing - BMI
Album: "In Step" - 1989