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Joseph Grijalva Section: 5


Please Listen Final CM


            Sometimes we know the answer to our problems within ourselves, but do not realize it.  At time like these we do not need someone to give us advice, rather we need someone who will listen to our problems and concerns.  If someone is capable of sorting out their problems on their own giving them all of the answers will not help them in the long run.  As the poem says, “Advice is cheap”.  With all of the TV shows and various newspaper columns such as Dr. Phil, there is no lack of those who are wiling to impart their wisdom on others.  However even when these advice givers specialize in psychology or have been trained, they will not always know what is best for each individual person who comes to them for help. 

            “Please Listen” does an excellent job of expressing the true nature of listening.  To a degree, the poem delves into one of the many intricacies of human nature.  Too often we are quick to give advice to our fellows, but this might stem from our simple desire to help our own kind.  Though it is important to help out those who are in need, we also must know when to refrain.  If a small child’s parents do everything for him or her, the child will never learn how to do anything independently.

            The main reason I chose to place “Please Listen,” into the top five out of all of the poems that I read while completing the Poetic Vision Project, was because the poem served to help me better myself.  I often jump to give people advice, when I would do better to remain silent.  Also, I agree with the author on his or her view on the importance of simple listening.  When I am confused or angry and want to talk to someone, I feel appreciate the person much more if he or she simply listens to what I have to say, rather than giving me advice.