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Joseph Grijalva  Section: 5



            Some people say that faith is the only thing that cannot be stripped away from us during times of trouble.  Some people who have actually hit the bottom in life have actually lost faith.  The poem “Footprints In the Sand” speaks to both ideas.  The poem tells the story of a man who is looking back on the footprints that he has left in “the sand” of the life he has walked with God.  The man notices that only one set of footprints exists at the hardest times of his life, and questions God as to why.  God then replies that his love and care for the man had never waned at any point during the man’s life.  He explains that, at the times when only one set of footprints exist in the sand, he carried the man.

            At this point in my life, I am not entirely sure of my faith.  However, the poem helps me to remember that we are never truly alone in life.  Even if someone does not believe in God, they can usually find someone who will care for them, even in the worse circumstances.  Even for someone like me who is not entire sure if he believes in God or not, the idea that we are never truly alone is comforting.  The poem also inspires me to be of aid to those who are in need.  It is the belief of the Catholic religion that every person has a little bit of God inside him or her.  Therefore, when we come to the aid of someone who is need, we are helping God to be with them.