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Joseph Grijalva Section 5




††††††††††† This verse from Ecclesiastes appeals to me, partially due the fact that I enjoyed the song form of the verse.Besides being a beautiful verse, the poem also contains useful guidance for life.For example, many people become discouraged if they miss out on or are not able to take part in some opportunity or activity.This selection from the bible inspires hope by reminding us that if something does not happen, then it was never meant to happen in first place.It also reminds us that the tendency to screw up is natural for everyone.Another reason that I enjoy this poem is because it points out some of the mysteries of life.After all, there have been countless times when someone has fought to seize an opportunity only to have it denied and then find something better.Other times people are denied an opportunity they have fought for and don't find another opportunity.For me the passage from the Bible reminds me not to stress, because once we have done our best, there is nothing else that we can do but trust the future to take care of itself.

Life in our modern age can be extremely hectic.When people try to hurry things along, the result is often a loss in quality.Though I donít advocate complacency, it never pays to be hasty.As a seasoned procrastinator, I can say that I always wish that I had started earlier when completing a project at the last minute.

The poem may be best looked at in its intended theological context.Most Catholicís would probably agree that everything happens in Godís time.From this perspective, attempting to rush into things in life before they are supposed to happen, is to attempt to foul up Godís plan (although God would probably already have accounted for your mistake in his plan anyway).