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Joseph Grijalva  Section: 5


“Ice Cream” Rejected Poem Final CM


            Though most everyone seems to love ice cream, I doubt that everyone would like my poem.  The poem’s main failing stems from the fact that I favored form over function when I was writing it.  Usually I try to get to the point when expresses my ideas through poetry.  My main focus is on the content rather than the way the content is presented.  In “Ice Cream” I tried to make the poem humorous rather than meaningful.  Though I am almost ashamed to say it, the inspiration for the poem actually came from chitty-chitty bang-bang.  The source of my inspiration was the scene where all of the characters can be found dancing around the confectionary singing the praises of the new candy the inventor created called Toot-sweets. 

            Though seriousness might often be preferable to humor when writing poetry, it is impossible to be serious all of the time.  Besides, most people do not like to be in the company of someone who is incapable of understanding a joke.  Despite the fact that the poem is lacking in content value, most would probably agree that it is interesting.  People are much more likely to read something they find to be humorous even if it contains no practical value.  The best writers will find a way to package the value and meaning of their literature in a humorous and engaging package that all can enjoy.  Anyone can easily see that my poem is not worthy of inclusion in the poetic vision project in its current form.  However, if I had found a way to express some meaning in the same nonsense shell, it would have been.