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Joseph Grijalva†† Section:5


The Empty Page Final CM


††††††††††† Ever since my days in Kindergarten I have felt a strange attraction to notebooks. Whenever we had free time inside of the classroom, I would often find myself folding pieces of paper into quarters (or smaller) and then gluing them on to other folded pieced of paper to make my own notebooks.I usually wouldnít write anything in them, but I kept making them anyway.Now that I am older, my feelings have changed much; I donít make notebooks any more, but every now and then I by a new notebook even though I usually donít end up doing anything with them.

††††††††††† A large part of my definition of poetic vision concerns potential.To see something poetically, we must no only be able to see all that it is and was, but also all that it can be.An empty notebook is the embodiment of potential.What can be recorded in its pages is limited only by the creativity of the writer.A notebook can hold poetry, stories, the stories of our lives, secrets, and even works of art.The notebook serves to glorify creativity by humbling offer itself up to the will of its user.

††††††††††† Some people might say that the most beautiful object in the world is some famous paintings.Others might claim a flower to surpass all other objects in terms of beauty.Still others might content that their own children are the embodiment of beauty.I do not doubt that all of the aforementioned objects are quite beautiful.For me, only the potential that lies within a young child can come close to equally the beauty of an empty page.Both have much too offer the world, and can be the receptacle for the poetic visions of those around them.However, the potential can only be realized if guided correctly by the proper artist, writer, parent, or an ordinary person that cares.