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Joseph Grijalva





            I first came up with this poem at a friend’s house when I was slightly mad at my parents for telling me that I had to come home much earlier than planned.  This poem is not saying that I wanted to insult my parents or anything like that.  I was just feeling that it can be hard to reason with them some times, and it always seems like the kid ends up loosing the argument.  However, most times after any anger has faded away it is easy to see that my parents are thinking for my own good, and that is highly preferable to the opposite.



The Things That I Would Say


            There are many things that I would like to say

that do not dare to touch my lips.

For I know that if the statements,

if they should be now spoken, would not be understood.

For their meaning exists only in a given time

and place, fits in to only the smallest place.

Yet I know that this is not wholly true.

Perhaps it is fear that keeps me in line,

fear that I could be wrong,

no one knows everything,

but the idea that I might know something

gives me the hope that the things

that I might say, could indeed hope to

touch my lips one day.


            I am fairly satisfied with the poem.  Since all of the poetry that I have written so far for the poetic vision project has rhymed in some way, I tried to construct this poem in a non-rhyming fashion.  Though it is ttempting to claim that rhymed poetry sounds better, I would have to say that it seems kind of tacky if overused.  In my opinion the poems that defy the standard laws of construction are better than those that follow the strict “rules”.