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Joseph Grijalva   Section:  5


Context/Meaning:  Well, I may have gone slightly overboard on this one, but I could not think of any one food that was more pleasing to the tongue then ice cream. Also, I wanted to write a poem that was light and airy (kind of like ice cream), that has no hidden meaning or deep inspiration.  It is simply my attempt to rejoice for the pure simplicity of food and life. 


Form:  With this poem, I tried to go for a more stereotypical rhyming structure, and sometimes the rhymed words were chosen more for their rhyming nature than for their meaning.  Also, I wanted the poem to appear spontaneous rather than contrived.


Ice Cream


What is this savory flavor that graces my tongue!?

that cold sensation that leaves it numb

with peanuts, candies, and whip cream galore

that savory flavor I cannot ignore


What is this texture so smooth and sweet

thank goodness it doesn't taste like my feet.

the roughness and toughness that grates on my throat

if you just added hair it would taste like a goat


What is this savory flavor that grace my tongue!?

The sensation enjoyed by the old and the young

though this one is empty, no need to despair.

I can pull another from the depths of the air.