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Joseph Grijalva  Section:  5



Context/Meaning:  For the past few years the guitar and music has been a large part of my life.  I aspire to become a better guitar player and musician.  While, I certainly think that it would be cool to make money and become famous playing the guitar, the instrument is worth so much more in a persons life than that.  For me the instrument is a stress reliever, and outlet for emotion, and a cure for boredom. 


Form:  I tried to stay loose with this poem and didn't stick closely to any sort of form.  In the second stanza I rhymed the last word of the first two lines and also rhymed the first and third words of the third stanza, but I did not carry on this theme.  Also I did not stick to a set amount of lines for each of my stanzas, as can be seen by the three line that compose the third stanza.


My Red Guitar


My red guitar

serves me when my lips fail

expressing what I cannot express

an extension of my mind.


I carry it with me almost every day

and pine for it when I am away

but yet I feel my own inadequacy

when others play what I cannot


I admire the way the masters work

with nary a glimpse

of a stumble or a jerk.


And yet it becomes clear to me

as I slide and play

that it is not what comes out in the music that matters

but the soul and feeling that is instilled.