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Joseph Grijalva

Section:  5




            This poem was not really created at any one time.  I remember back in Kindergarten, that I would spend much of my free time gluing together pieces of paper to make mini-notebooks.  Most of the time I wouldn’t write in any of these, but for some reason I would just keep making more, and I was always very happy doing this.  For some reason I have always enjoyed just staring at notebooks and thinking about all of the various ways that they can be used, usually without using the book for any of them.





The Empty Page


For all my life I have always admired

the magic of the empty book.

Within its pages much can be done

use for pleasure, pain, or fun.


The empty page has a quite a history

of receiving everything from

technical to drama and mystery.

It has received the idea of music note

and the toddler’s picture

when he scrawled the stick-figure boat.


But perhaps

it is in emptiness when it is at its best

and the pen

has long been laid at rest

for its limitation knows no

bounds, and though only flat

can capture sight, feeling, and sound.